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Catching those great ideas!

A couple of the most common places when great ideas will pop into our head are in bed, and in the car. Keep pads and pens on hand to capture those ideas, random thoughts and, of course, to-do lists and shopping lists. It’s a great way to recycle your paper―make scratch pads held together with bulldog clips and leave them everywhere…. [Read more…]

Crowded Linen Cupboards & how to sort them

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Linen cupboards can become hopelessly messy and some of the reasons for this are that they are often quite small spaces, sometimes awkward to organise, and contain often non-related objects which could potentially be stored elsewhere.

My linen cupboard is in the tiny and awkward category and has to contain not only everyday linen but also out of season blankets. And it’s awkward because it’s above my vanity unit so I have to get on a chair and actually lean into the cupboard to reach items such as sheets and duvet covers. So trust me, I totally empathise for those of you with problem linen cupboards.

Whether you have a nice roomy closet to store linen, or baskets in the spare room wardrobe, the following tips might be helpful in rendering the space more organised and less annoying. I passed on some of these to a good friend and she immediately went home and implemented them and was delighted with the result.

– When I am working with a client on their linen cupboard the first thing we do is take everything out and then work out what needs to go back in and what needs to be stored elsewhere. [Read more…]

The Dumping Room

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I’ve talked before about ‘dumping grounds’ which we can all experience at some time or another when things get a bit busy. There may even be permanent dumping grounds in your home, perhaps a small area or corner of a living room or bedroom where items tend to accumulate.

However what I want to talk about here is a bit more than a dumping ground. As you can imagine, I have been in many homes over the 11 years I have been practising my decluttering business and on more than a few occasions I have come across an entire room which has become the ‘dumping room’.

Believe me I know what it is like to run out of space, and my tiny unit is a prime example of a home with very little storage capacity. I do think it’s a pity though when we lose a whole room to our stuff. So here are a few suggestions on how you can get your room back if this situation applies to you:

– First think about how you would like to use this room if it was completely cleared out. Maybe it could be a spare room for guests, a study place for your teenagers, a home office, or even a peaceful retreat with a comfy chair and side table where you can spend some much deserved time away from everything to read a good book. Once you’ve got this picture in your mind you can move to the next step. [Read more…]

Are you ready for…

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This newsletter is not about just ‘being prepared for disaster’ although it is good to be prepared for the major catastrophes as well as the little incidents.

So let’s talk about being prepared in the case of disasters first. One of my clients gave me a very useful booklet put out by Auckland Council and Civil Defence & Emergency Management called “Get Ready Auckland”. I have to say I only just read it today, and found it very informative, and a reminder that I really should have at least a kit of the basic supplies tucked away should the unthinkable happen. The booklet contains everything you need to know about being prepared in the case of emergencies and disasters, including very helpful lists of what to put in your Get Away Kit and what emergency supplies to keep in your home. I imagine you could get the booklet from Auckland Council or Civil Defence, check the Civil Defence website:

I think living in Auckland one can become perhaps a little complacent about disasters, although we really shouldn’t given what tragically happened in Christchurch, and more recently in Kaikoura and Wellington. And some areas in Auckland have experienced massive flooding in just the last few weeks. So I believe this preparation bears thinking about.

What I want to touch on now follows along the lines of what to organise in case of emergency, but it’s also about being able to put your hand on what you need in your home when you absolutely need an item immediately.

[Read more…]

Your Fix-It List & Repurposing

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This month I want to talk about the day to day little frustrations that we experience in our home, or workplace. I mean those areas where something needs to be fixed, or sorted, or thrown out because we actually know that it can’t be fixed but we haven’t got around to doing anything about it.

Here’s how some of those frustrations may look:

– Doors that stick so we have to slam them to close or pull hard to get them to open: I find a light spray on the hinges with a lubricant such as CRC works like magic.

– The same may apply to drawers in the kitchen or bedrooms, where they stick and are awkward to open and close: you simply rub candle wax along the edges of the drawer.

– Pictures often get propped behind a door or against the wall because we haven’t got around to buying the picture hooks and hanging them.

– Maybe there’s a clock on the wall that no longer works and maybe all it needs is a new battery. [Read more…]

What’s New for 2017

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Welcome to my first newsletter for 2017. I hope you had a wonderful relaxing break and that you’re looking forward to the year.

We have a bright new year with new possibilities in front of us and I always find that exciting. I think about what I can create this year in all parts of my life. For example, I want to put more focus on ‘creativity’ this year and to kick start it I went out today and bought one of those gorgeous adult colouring books and some bright coloured pencils. There are numerous other ideas that are coming to me that I want to play around with, and I’m looking forward to exploring those. None of this is about ‘shoulds’ or ‘musts’ as those are negative feelings that aren’t going to leave us feeling great.

What have you got planned for this year? You might like to jot down in a journal, or on a beautiful sheet of paper that you can stick on the fridge, a few things that you’d love to do and experience this year. I suggest it be more of a ‘bucket list’ rather than a list of ‘resolutions’. Resolutions can often end up in that ‘should have done’ or ‘didn’t stick to’ basket which can leave us feeling guilty or hopeless.

Have you thought about creating a theme for the year? Your theme becomes a focus for the year and it’s always interesting to see how this plays out, after all what you focus on expands. Ideas for themes may be around health, wealth creation, creativity, expanding your social life, new adventures. Obviously the list is endless.

If decluttering and re-organising your home is on your list, try thinking of it as a journey of exploration with a beautiful outcome. It may seem odd to think of decluttering as a positive and even fun experience but it really can be. Here are some suggestions on how you can get started, and how you can make it interesting rather than overwhelming.

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